Available as Books and in Digital Format

Hunter’s Full Moon

A level 1-3 adventure trilogy

Secrets of the Drow

A level 4-6 adventure trilogy

Rise of the Ice Dragons Trilogy

A level 7-9 adventure trilogy

The Prophecy of Nine Omens Trilogy

A level 10-12 adventure trilogy

An Unexpected
Wedding Invitation

A level 3 mystery adventure

What Happened
to Evy Ashwood?

A level 6 mystery adventure

Before The Stroke
of Midnight

A level 9 mystery adventure

The Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy

Call of the Wild

A level 1 adventure (FREE!)

Deeper into the Woods

A level 2 adventure

Under the Black Mountains

A level 3 adventure

Mini Adventures (FREE!)

Adventures in the Night

A level 1 mini adventure

A Magical Journey into the Feywild

A level 2 mini adventure

Death is Only the Beginning

A level 3 mini adventure

A Most Unexpected Zombie Invasion

A level 4 mini adventure

Return of the Necromancer

A level 5 mini adventure

Mischief and Monsters on the Road

A level 9 mini adventure

The Missing One-Eyed Cat

A level 10 mini adventure

Other Products

Murder at the Old Wolf Inn

A level 4 mystery adventure

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