The Prophecy of Nine Omens Trilogy

A level 10-12 adventure trilogy

The Prophecy of Nine Omens Trilogy is a series of three adventures for the world’s greatest roleplaying game (5e).

It is designed for a group of three to five 10 to 12th-level characters, but includes scalable encounters to suit any level from 1-20.

Some towns and events used in this adventure mean that it works particularly well if played after the Rise of the Ice Dragons Trilogy or Before the Stroke of Midnight, but the adventure can easily be adapted to suit other settings.

The Prophecy of Nine Omens has foretold that three legendary orbstones will cause death and destruction throughout Eastern Farraway. The orbstones must be destroyed to avert the prophecy and stop the cataclysm.

You have to cunningly steal the orbs from a heavily protected vault and transport them across the sea to the secret location of the sunken city of Sirenholm. Only there, in the heart of the underwater Temple of Tanaaris, can the orbstones be obliterated.

Gather your companions. Bring your swords. Choose your spells wisely.
Are you ready to save Eastern Farraway?


➛ 160 pages of content
➛ Three exciting adventures for DnD 5e
➛ New monsters: Arcane Sentinel, Brigand, and Horrifying Jellyfish
➛ Unique magical items: The Emerald Crown, Njǫrd’s Bow, and Gift of Malgonath
➛ Detailed NPCs with background descriptions, including bond, ideals, and flaws
➛ Legend & Lore: The Prophecy of Nine Omens, the White Watchers, and the Temple of Tanaaris
➛ High-quality maps created by cartographers like Dark Realm Maps and Lizard Ink Maps

+ The Brave Adventurer’s Guide, a compendium filled with wondrous items, new spells, NPCs, lore, and more adventure ideas set in Eastern Farraway.

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