Welcome to Eastern Farraway

Long ago, Eastern Farraway was part of the Kingdom of Farraway along with Laransïn and Sonnemark. The Kingdom of Farraway was also known as “The Farraway Empire”, according to some of the more pompous history scholars in Northwind Gate.

However, the turmoil that ensued after the First Winter War led to that the Kingdom of Farraway was divided into several smaller kingdoms: Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Farraway, and also the Outer Islands.

Since that era, Eastern Farraway has seen new wars, natural disasters, and times of hardship, but it has also enjoyed long years of peace and prosperity.

Huge numbers of gnolls, goblins, and other monsters have recently descended from their lairs in the mountains. The invaders have since raided outlying villages, laid waste to crops, and caused widespread fear. During your travels, you have come across several abandoned hamlets and wrecked caravans along the roadside.

Enter the adventurers

You are currently in Buckwild, a region in Eastern Farraway that is filled with craggy mountains, stony hills, and deep forests teeming with wildlife. Farther south is the lush, tranquil and closely guarded elvish kingdom of the Silver Woodlands. To the north is the North Star Region, which covers most of the towering mountain ranges that stretch all the way to the distant coast.

The winding paths of Buckwild have never been exactly safe, and travelling in numbers seems like a wise choice.

Your group has met on the road and decided to stick together as you all are heading towards the same destination: Buckbridge, a small isolated village where your adventure will begin…


Eastern Farraway was, as many other fantasy worlds, created by chance. I started roleplaying in my late teens and we took turns to be the Dungeon Master. Our group was constantly on the way to the city of Neverwinter, and I started drawing a map of places that we passed on the way (mainly to make sure that we actually got closer to Neverwinter, which didn’t seem to happen.)

This is more than 25 years ago, and the original map is long gone. But tracking our characters’ journey sparked an interest in map-making and worldbuilding that never left me, and the many places that we had explored became a brand new world.

Since those days, our group has explored Eastern, Western, and Northern Farraway. The details of these lands were recorded on paper (or stored away in my head), but it wasn’t until we started writing Midnight Tower’s adventures that I finally found time to sit down and document the world that we had created.


Eastern Farraway is a world of its own. It is heavily influenced by our favourite fantasy authors, including J.R.R. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, and Robert Jordan. However, it’s also inspired by Norse mythology and traditions, with plenty of names, terms, cultural references – and monsters! – that we’ve always brought with us from our Scandinavian upbringing. Magic is rare and uncommon, the world is wild and beautiful, and secrets await around every bend.

This is the world that I created with Erik and the rest of our gaming group. It all started at a tavern long ago – and now, it is yours to discover!

handpainted maps

Check out our videos in which Tove paints Eastern Farraway’s different regions in watercolour and talks about worldbuilding!

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