The Mystery of the Cursed Statuette

A level 4 adventure

The Mystery of the Cursed Statuette is an adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game (5e). It is designed for a group of three to five 4th-level characters, but includes scalable encounters to suit any level from 1 to 20.

This adventure is a mystery adventure inspired by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and can be used in any campaign or as a side-quest.

In the dead of the night, a burglary takes place at the Halls of Lore in Winterhold, and a small porcelain figurine is stolen.

Since the town’s guard is busy with a series of kidnappings, Sergeant Aramina Thornberry is looking for a group of private detectives who can help her solve the crime.

However, the investigation soon turns into a deadly chase. Before it is over, the characters will come across a cursed statuette, secret societies – and a dangerous primordial demon.

Can you solve the case before more blood is spilled on Winterhold’s foggy streets?


➛ A detective mystery adventure inspired by Sherlock Holmes!
➛ Eight illustrated and detailed NPCs with personal background descriptions and secret agendas
➛ New monsters, unique magical items, and Legend & Lore
➛ Original full-colour illustrations and maps.
The Magpie Secret Society, a compendium with all the unlocked stretch goals and more
➛ Custom-made downloadable vintage design character sheets and six pre-made characters!
➛ VTT tokens for all monsters and NPCs, gridless maps, and digital handouts.

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