Do you like roleplaying adventures set in the untamed wilderness or in an isolated village, surrounded by deep forests where wild beasts lurk?
– So do we!

Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that our first adventures where set in and around Buckbridge, a small isolated village in the heart of Eastern Farraway.
We published the adventures online in 2019 and now we’re returning to Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy, and kindly ask for funding to create a physical book of the adventures.

The new book will be rewritten with expanded content and more fantasy art – every page will be filled with exciting adventures, unique lore, new wilderness monsters, and plenty of magical items that both players and Dungeons Masters will love!

Are you ready for the adventure to begin?

After a long journey through autumn-clad mountains, you have finally arrived to Buckbridge.
The isolated village is surrounded by untamed wilderness that is filled with ferocious beasts and other dangerous creatures that are better left alone.

But the remote village is under threat – and the people in Buckbridge urgently need your aid.

Enter the wild and search for Queen Freja Swiftsteel’s long-lost tomb.
Frost wolves, ancient dwarven secrets, and exciting adventures await!

You can sharpen your blade. You can prepare your spells. But can you survive the wilds?

Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy contains three exciting fantasy adventures in the wild for the fifth edition of the world’s largest roleplaying game.

You’ll get a book with the following adventures and compendium:
➛ Call of the Wild
➛ Deeper into the Woods
➛ Under the Black Mountains
➛ Gudrun Åskdottri’s Guide to the Wild with all unlocked stretch goals
➛ Bonus: You’ll get a special mention in the book!

We’ll also include a free VTT pack with tokens, gridless maps, and digital handouts so that the adventures can easily be played online.

Thank you for considering supporting this project!
<3 Tove & Erik
(The two nerds behind Midnight Tower)

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