Do you love roleplaying campaigns that begin with low-level adventures and end with an epic battle where the heroes are forged into legends? 
– So do we!

That’s why we started writing the Eastern Farraway Adventures series back in 2019. 
And now, five years later, the journey ends.
Battle of the Realm Trilogy is the final book that completes the series and brings the saga to its end. 

But we need your help to make this book come alive and finish the story, which began at a tavern in Buckbridge village five years ago. 

Are you the hero who will answer this plea for help? 
Join us on our epic journey!

Tove & Erik (the two unapologetic nerds behind Midnight Tower)   

The destruction of the powerful orbstones has had unforeseen consequences. 
A tremendous magical surge awakened ancient stone portals in Eastern Farraway.
The realm is now on the brink of war.

You must travel to other planes and find the orbstones’ twins to seal the ancient portals and restore balance. But journeys to the Plane of Shadow and the Feyworld are unsafe at best.
And lurking in the Abyss is an old nemesis who craves revenge.

The time has come when heroes are forged into legends.

➛ A book with three epic fantasy adventures filled with new monsters, unique lore, and plenty of magical items!
➛ Approximately 160 pages of content (if all stretch goals are unlocked)
➛ Professional commissioned cover art by Alaina Milare (An Unexpected Wedding Invitation, The Mystery of the Cursed Statuette, Empyrean Investigations)
➛ Concept art of ‘Through the Otherworldly Portal’ (a two-page full spread) by Daniel Kvasznicza (Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Assassin’s Creed, Secret of the Drow Trilogy)
➛ New monsters: Soul Leeches, Dödkäft, and Ancient Marilith Demon with lair and legendary actions
➛ Detailed NPCs with personal background descriptions, including traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws
➛ Unique magical items such as The Witches’ Grimoire, Liondre’s Sword, Staff of the Abyss
➛ More than 90 full-colour illustrations and original artworks, including plenty of professional commissions (no AI art will be used in this book)
➛ Legend & Lore: The Fate of the Fallen Paladins, Unseelie and Seelie Court, the History of the Cursed Demona’s Caverns
➛ High-quality fantasy maps, including a hand-drawn map by cartographer Toby Lancaster from Dark Realm Maps
➛ The compendium Elsie’s Extensive Planar Guidebook featuring all unlocked stretch goals and more
➛ Free VTT pack with tokens, gridless maps, and digital handouts for online gaming

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