Before the Stroke of Midnight

A level 9 adventure

Before the Stroke of Midnight is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure by Midnight Tower. It is designed for a group of three to five 9th-level characters, but can be scaled up or down by adjusting the encounters.

This adventure is a murder mystery adventure inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and can be used in any campaign or as a side-quest adventure.

Some towns and events used in this adventure mean that it works particularly well if played after the Rise of the Ice Dragons Trilogy adventures, but it can easily be adapted to suit other settings.

The Duchess Rose Blackraven of Shieldsborg Castle is dead. However, her last will is missing, and it is unclear who will inherit from her.

You must find the will before midnight and identify the true heir to Shieldsborg Castle. Search the old castle for clues, interview the secretive residents, and investigate the mysterious surrounding areas.

But be careful – more blood will be spilled, and a new murder will occur before midnight.

Eerie ghosts, mysterious intrigues, and dark secrets await you at the castle.
Look for clues. Sharpen your wits. Search the castle. Can you solve the murder before it is too late?


➛ A classic Gothic murder mystery!
➛ Nine NPCs (including a ghost) with background descriptions, agendas, and secrets.
➛ An old castle with 34 different rooms and areas to search for clues.
➛ Open sandbox-style adventure with several different encounters.
➛ New unique monster: Dusk wolf.
➛ New magical item: Ring of Serpent’s Tongue.
➛ Legend & Lore: Shieldsborg Castle.
➛ Original full-colour illustrations and maps.

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