Before the Stroke of Midnight

a mystery adventure for 5E and D&D

It was AMAZING. Not only did we enjoy the book so much but also it was so cool to have a hardcopy at the table.

– Dany

Eerie ghosts, mysterious intrigues, and dark secrets await you at the castle.

Before the Stroke of Midnight is a gothic mystery adventure inspired by Edgar Allan Poe for 9th-level characters and includes scalable encounters to suit any level from 1 to 20.
The book also includes the Black Raven’s Compendium with new monsters, magic items, unique lore, and more.

The Duchess Rose Blackraven of Shieldsborg Castle is dead.
However, her last will is missing, and it is unclear who will inherit from her.

You must find the will before midnight and identify the true heir to Shieldsborg Castle.
Search the old castle for clues, interview the secretive residents, and investigate the mysterious surrounding areas.

But be careful – more blood will be spilled, and a new murder will occur before midnight.

84 pages of content.
➛ A gothic mystery adventure inspired by Edgar Allan Poe!
New monster: Dusk wolf, ghostly cat, and vengeful bride.
Detailed NPCs with personal background descriptions, including traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws.
➛ Unique magic items such as Ring of Serpent’s Tongue, Candelabra of the Silent Walker, Crimson Guise, and more.
Legend & Lore: Shieldsborg Castle and Raven Folklore.
High-quality maps created by cartographers such as Dark Realm Maps and Lizard Ink Maps.
Free VTT pack with tokens, gridless maps, and digital handouts for online gaming.
➛ Custom-made downloadable gothic design character sheets.
➛ The Black Raven’s Compendium with more bonus content!

Before the Stroke of Midnight can be played as a one-shot adventure or as a side quest to the Eastern Farraway Adventures campaign.

Midnight Tower’s mystery adventure collection consists of four books with more than 320 pages of mysteries and intrigues, and four extensive compendiums.

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