Murder at the Old Wolf Inn 

A level 4 adventure

Murder at the Old Wolf Inn is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition one-shot adventure by Midnight Tower for a group of three to five 4th-level characters.

A dead body has been found in one of the rooms at the Old Wolf Inn. But the guest doesn’t appear to have died of natural causes. In fact, all evidence indicates foul play and that someone at the inn is a murderer.

Welcome to an evening at the Old Wolf Inn, where mystery, hidden clues, and deception await you.

You can sharpen your wits. You can search the inn. But can you solve the murder?


➛ A classic murder mystery at an inn!
➛ New wondrous item: Zacki Buttercup’s Extraordinary Bathtub
➛ Nine NPCs with background descriptions, agendas, and secrets
➛ 13 rooms at the inn to search for clues
➛ Detailed maps of the Old Wolf Inn (DM and players’ copy)
➛ 34 pages of content
➛ Original illustration art and maps of high quality and in full colour
➛ Optional: a non-violent version (family friendly or for those who don’t know the combat rules that well)

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