Additional downloads for ‘An Unexpected Wedding Invitation’

Handouts (ZIP file)
Includes NPC portraits, fantasy clothes, Ring of the Elven Court, Goblin queen, the wedding invitation (colour and printer-friendly), and more.

Pre-generated characters (ZIP file)
Includes a fighter, a wizard, a ranger, a rogue, a cleric, and a paladin.

Character sheets (PDF file)
Custom-made fillable character sheets, 4 pages.

Maps (ZIP file)
The maps come in the following versions:
– Standard grid
– Hexagonal grid
– No grid
– Printer-friendly (black and white)

Maps that feature traps or information only for the DM have been made in two versions: one for players and one for the DM.

Regional map (JPEG)
A high-resolution map of Eastern Farraway.

Including boar, deer, Dizzy the Dragon, Galianne, giant boar, goblin queen, goblin, Lillian, Lysandrea, Maximillian, Milton, Morgen, Roslinda, Sirbastien, snow bear, and Thalgion.

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