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Dungeons & Dragons map - the neglected graveyard

Intruders at the neglected graveyard

Quest: The small cemetery near Hillsby has been vandalised by graverobbers. Headstones have been toppled over and the dirt has been disturbed. The village elder, Sonra Storm, offers the characters 5 gp to deal with the graverobbers.

However, a gnarly villager called Farley Windmox warns the adventurers that the trouble is caused by undead creatures rather than graverobbers, and that it would be best to leave the neglected graveyard and the old graves alone.

What the characters don’t know: The damage at the graveyard is caused by Farley, who is searching the graves for a long-lost heirloom he believes is buried there. His talk of undead creatures is only meant to make others avoid the cemetery.

If the characters decide to investigate, Farley follows them to the graveyard and admits that he dug up the graves as he searched for an expensive necklace that belonged to one of his relatives.

Unbeknownst to all, a vampire called Lovisa Von Rookwyne makes her lair in the largest family grave, and she has had enough of the ruckus at her resting place!

She appears when Farley has finished his explanation and is hostile to everyone present at the graveyard.

Encounters: One vampire.

Friendly encounter: Farley (a commoner).

Challenge rating: 13

Reward: Farley has a small purse that contains 1 gp, 2 sp, and 38 cp. He also carries a thick silver necklace (worth 10 gp) and a beautiful ocarina (5 sp). The vampire keeps five large sapphires (worth 400 gp each) in her coffin.

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