Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy

Book one in the Eastern Farraway Adventures series

Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy is a series of three adventures for 5E. It is designed for a group of three to five 1 to 3rd-level characters, but includes scalable encounters to suit any level from 1-20.

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After a long journey through autumn-clad mountains, you have finally arrived to Buckbridge. The isolated village is surrounded by untamed wilderness that is filled with ferocious beasts and other dangerous creatures that are better left alone.

But the remote village is under threat – and the people in Buckbridge urgently need your aid.
Enter the wild and search for Queen Freja Swiftsteel’s long-lost tomb.

Frost wolves, ancient dwarven secrets, and exciting adventures await!
You can sharpen your blade. You can prepare your spells. But can you survive the wilds?

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168 pages of content
Three fantasy adventures in the wilderness of Buckwild and the long-lost tombs of Queen Freja Swiftsteel.
– New monsters: Frost wolf, observant, and ghostly champion
– Detailed NPCs with personal background descriptions, including traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws.
– Unique magical items such as Octavia’s Secret and Dominance 
– Legend & Lore: The Hunter’s Full Moon Festival, The Twins, and The Rise and Fall of the Ironshield Clan.
– High-quality maps created by cartographers like Dark Realm Maps and Lizard Ink Maps
– Free VTT pack with tokens, gridless maps, and digital handouts for online gaming
– The compendium Gudrun Askdottri’s Guide to the Wild with new items, spells, lore, and more. 

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