The Quest for the Last Orbstone

A level 8 adventure

The Quest for the Last Orbstone is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure by Midnight Tower for a group of three to five 8th-level characters. This adventure can be played as a one-shot or as part of the Rise of the Ice Dragons Trilogy.

You have agreed to help the dwarven scholar Bjorn Amberclan retrieve a legendary orbstone from a fanatic, dragon-worshipping cult.

Using stealth and deception, you must infiltrate the cult and try to steal the orbstone without rousing any suspicion.

But the road is dangerous, the cult’s
lair is closely guarded – and their leader has prepared a deadly surprise.

Pack your sword. Bring your spellbook. Pray to your gods.
Can you infiltrate the cultists’ lair and avoid getting caught?


➛ Open adventure with different quest paths
➛ New monster: Screeching harpy
➛ Detailed NPCs with background descriptions
➛ New unique magic item: Arcane Bracers
➛ Legend & Lore: The Disciples of the Dragon
➛ 37 pages of content
➛ Original full-colour maps and illustrations.

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