The Drow Compendium

Dark, efficient, and lethal items and spells, all created by the dark elves

The Drow Compendium is a companion guide to Secrets of the Drow, a trilogy of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventures for at a party of 3–5 players of 4th to 6th level.

It contains the Drow Assassin’s Apothecary, the Drow Warrior’s Armoury, and the Drow Mage’s Library, all filled with new magical items, poisons, spells, and much more.

The Drow Compendium can be used in any campaign or adventure that features dark elves or dungeons.


➛ Nine new magical weapons
➛ Six new poisons
➛ Eight new spells and potions
➛ Magical armour and shields
➛ Unique wondrous items
➛ Various types of oils, dust, and candles
➛ 20 pages of content
➛ Original art and full colour illustrations of high quality

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