Additional downloads for ‘No Honour Among Thieves’

Tokens (ZIP file)
Includes arcane sentinel, black pudding, bone devil, drider, efreeti, guard, ice elemental, stone golem, vampire spawn, veteran, and young blue dragon.

Handouts (ZIP file)
Includes arcane sentinel, Bjorn Amberclan, Emerald Crown, Nïniann Envindra, Rimvhan Lohurtz, and vault key.

Maps (ZIP file)
The maps come in the following versions:
– Standard grid
– Hexagonal grid
– No grid
– Printer-friendly (black and white)

Maps that feature traps or information only for the DM have been made in two versions: one for players and one for the DM.

Regional map (JPEG)
A high-resolution map of Eastern Farraway.

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