Additional downloads for ‘Call of the Wild’

Maps (ZIP file)
The maps come in the following versions:
– Standard grid
– Hexagonal grid
– No grid
– Printer-friendly (black and white)

Maps that feature traps or information only for the DM have been made in two versions: one for players and one for the DM.

Handouts (ZIP file)
Includes arriving at Buckbridge, Bjorn Amberclan, Father Lomas, Finel Alumnaria, frost wolf, Frost Wolf Cloak, goodberries, Gorm Amberclan, Jillian Alumnaria, Medallion of the Ironshield Clan, River Amrun, Rosie Tanner, silverwood arrows, solved puzzle, and unsolved puzzle.

Tokens (ZIP file)
Includes bandit, brown bear, frost wolf, gnoll, gnoll leader, hippogriff, mule, specter, swarm of wasps, thug, and worg.

Regional map (JPEG)
A high-resolution map of Eastern Farraway.

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