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Tove Lund Jorgensen is a level 16 warlock (fiend patron) known as Nora Jay, who accidentally lost her soul on a bet with Asmodeus while celebrating a small heist in a shady tavern. It could happen to anyone.

Since that unfortunate evening, she’s journeyed far and wide along with her familiar Brim, a moderately helpful and suicidally sarcastic imp.

Recent travels include a tour in Barovia, where she and her friends finished off local tyrant Count Strahd von Zarovich in his own kitchen, much to the vampire’s great but short-lived surprise. This too can happen to anyone.

In real life, Tove enjoys reading seriously thick fantasy books, exploring the farthest reaches of Tyria in Guild Wars 2, and being bossed around by her cats. Tove writes and does all of the art for Midnight Tower.

Erik Jorgensen is a level 9 war cleric called November Netherwood with a penchant for red clothes and tavern brawls.

When waking up after a temple collapsed on her head, a voice in November’s mind guided her deep into the temple’s catacombs, where she found the source of the whispers: a black, fist-sized smoking stone.

Convinced the voice saved her from death, November now worships the stone, or rather the entity that speaks through it. Because surely, it must be benevolent. Right?

In real life (bleh!), Erik reads weird fiction, writes even weirder crime novels, and is led around by an oversized springer spaniel. He writes and does the layout for Midnight Tower.

Apart from taking part in local RPG sessions in their current home of Oxford, UK, Tove and Erik organise yearly marathon RPG weekends with fellow Swedes with whom they’ve played for over 20 years. They’d write up some these adventures if they weren’t too bizarre to be believed.*

The setup usually looks something like this:

*) For example, would you believe that a certain warlock managed to send an NPC in Barovia into the depths of the Nine Hells, only to realise that this NPC was, in fact, a key ally to the group? Exactly. 🙂

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