About us

Midnight Tower consists of Tove and Erik, who have been players and DMs of roleplaying games for more than 25 years. At present, Midnight Tower has released six printed books with adventures, published several stand-alone adventures, and run eight successful Kickstarter campaigns.

They live in Oxford and have two rebellious daughters, as well as a small menagerie of disobedient pets.
Send them an email at rpg[a]midnight-tower.com

About Tove

When Tove isn’t DMing, she plays a level 2 bard called Nell Desmodena-Murkborne. Nell grew up as a dilly-dallying love child with few responsibilities at court in Hammersong. However, she has also spent her long summers in Feywild together with her (hag) grandmother, who have had a somewhat compromising effect on her. 

In real life, Tove enjoys reading seriously thick fantasy books, exploring the farthest reaches of Tyria in Guild Wars 2, and being bossed around by her cats. Tove writes all the adventures and also does some of the art for Midnight Tower’s adventures.

About Erik

Erik plays a level 9 war cleric called November Netherwood with a penchant for red clothes and tavern brawls.
As a novice, November found a dark, fist-sized smoking stone after a temple collapsed on her head. She now worships the stone – or rather, the entity that hides in it. Because it must be benevolent…right?

In real life (bleh!), Erik reads weird fiction, writes even weirder crime novels, and is led around by an oversized springer spaniel. He also edits and does most of the layout for Midnight Tower’s adventures.

Even a little more about them both

Apart from taking part in local RPG sessions in their current home of Oxford, UK, Tove and Erik organise yearly marathon RPG weekends with fellow Swedes with whom they’ve played for over 20 years. They’d write up some these adventures if they weren’t too bizarre to be believed.*

*) For example, would you believe that a certain warlock managed to send an NPC in Barovia into the depths of the Nine Hells, only to realise that this NPC was, in fact, a key ally to the group? Exactly. 🙂

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