For Dice goblins

We’ve scoured the furthest corners of the internet and rounded up a selection of dice, perfect for budding adventurers as well as seasoned heroes.
Sharpen your sword, ready your wand, and let the rolling begin!

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Some heroes emerge from arctic, snow-laden lands and rise to great fame in their realm.


For those who pass unseen through forests and hunt in the shadow of ancient oaks.


Favoured by adventurers who strike true from the shadows and vanish like smoke.

Metal Dice


Seven spheres of enchanted metal brimming with the furious fires of infernal dragons.

Blood Antique Iron

Don’t worry, constable! The blood on the dice is all mine. I absolutely did not stab anyone!

Antique Iron

Forged by experienced dwarven blacksmiths, a roll of these dice will pulverise all resistance.

Special Dice

Special Copper Purple

Rumour has it that these were pilfered from the royal court in Hammersong.

Special Copper Red

A sleek, stylish set for adventurers with dark hearts and darker attire.

Ancient Silver with Blood

These battle-tested dice were looted from the hoard of a ferocious iron dragon.

Sharp Edged Dice

Golden Blue Quicksand

As beautiful as enchanted icicles, as deadly as a white dragon’s talons.

Red and Yellow

An exquisite choice for mages who have a penchant for flaming and fearsome spells.

Unicorn Decoupage

Brimming with the enigmatic elegance that permeates the realm of the fey.

Handcrafted Dice

Ian at Dragonborn Industries makes dice by hand at his home in Cornwall, UK! Head over to their homepage to read more about Ian’s background and products.

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