Under the Black Mountains

A level 3 adventure

Under the Black Mountains is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure by Midnight Tower for a group of three to five 3rd-level characters. The adventure can be played as a one-shot episode or as part of the Hunter’s Full Moon Trilogy.

The key to the famous tomb of Queen Freja Swiftsteel has been found at last.

According to hearsay, her grave contains an invaluable book and legendary treasures. 
But the ancient dwarven tomb, located deep under the Black Mountains, is full of deadly traps, vicious monsters, and undead foes.

You can sharpen your swords. You can prepare your spells. But can you survive the dungeon?


➛ Non-linear dungeon crawl
➛ New monster: Greyshade
➛ Unique legacy item that increases in power with level: Dominance, a magical flail
➛ Detailed NPCs with background descriptions
➛ Lore & Legend: The rise and fall of the Ironshield Clan
➛ 33 pages of content
➛ Original art, maps, and illustrations of high quality

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