The Spider Queen’s Ritual

A level 6 adventure

The Spider Queen’s Ritual is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure by Midnight Tower for a group of three to five 6th-level characters. The adventure can be played as a one-shot episode or as part of the Secrets of the Drow Trilogy.

The drow high priestess’s nefarious plans have been revealed.

The dark elves are planning a horrific ritual to honour the goddess known among the drow as the Spider Queen. The ritual demands many bloody sacrifices, and the dark elves will kill hundreds of innocent people kidnapped from Winterhold.

To make things worse, if the unholy ritual is completed, the drow will be granted almost immortal powers – which would make them unstoppable.

Sharpen your blades. Nock your arrows. Ready your spells. Can you stop the ritual and save Winterhold from the dark elves?


➛ Open sandbox-style adventure with multiple ways to resolve the quest
➛ New monster: Drow Zealot
➛ Unique magic items: Ceremonial Robe of the Drow and Ritual Sacrificial Dagger
➛ Detailed NPCs with background descriptions
➛ Legend & Lore: The Dark Elves’ Ritual (Tar’zael Nar-haul)
➛ 40 pages of content
➛ Original art, maps, and illustrations of high quality

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